Marta Taylor, FDN-P

Your Host, Marta Taylor, FDN-P

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Marta Taylor is the founder of Living Limitlessly, a website dedicated to hacking your life to achieve health, happiness and abundance. As a sufferer of migraine pain for the past seven years, Marta has found numerous practical strategies to ease the intensity, frequency and duration of her migraine episodes as she works her way towards a migraine-free life. She wants to share all of the information she has researched and gathered over the years with other migraineurs to help them identify the root causes of their own migraine headaches.

Marta is a certified life coach, motivational speaker and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner. She is a trained corporate facilitator with 16 years of experience coaching people in management and leadership and how to implement skills to become more effective. She now teaches people to implement health and life hacks to Live Limitlessly.

Erin Knight, FDN-P

Your Host, Erin Knight, FDN-P

Erin Knight, creator of the Migraine FreedomTM plan, helps women who desire natural solutions providing freedom from migraines, so that they can experience a dramatic increase in productivity and thrive in the active life they dream of.

Having suffered with migraines for over a decade, Erin is sympathetic to the impact that headaches have on our work and social life. After discovering functional medicine and realizing her migraines disappeared as she balanced her hormones and fixed her digestion, she started her company, Engineering Radiance, to help women who are frustrated with the conventional management of migraines and want to get to the root causes.

Erin has her Masters of Engineering from the University of Michigan and is trained in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™ and nutrigenomics. After a decade guiding Fortune 500 teams through root cause analysis, she now applies these problem-solving skills to our most complex system, the human body.

Corey B. Schuler, RN, MS, LN, CNS, DC

Your Host, Corey B. Schuler, RN, MS, LN, CNS, DC

Dr. Corey Schuler is the co-author of the Headache Guidebook and practices integrative and functional medicine with a focus on migraine and chronic headaches in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Due to the nature of his approach, he works with a lot of patients with GI and pain concerns as well as athletes and executives who don’t have time to let headaches interfere with their day.

Dr. Schuler is a registered nurse, Certified Nutrition Specialist practitioner, licensed nutritionist, board-certified in clinical nutrition chiropractic physician and Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine. He is a member of Institute for Functional Medicine and American College of Nutrition. He is on the board of directors for the International Probiotics Association and an advisor to Functional Medicine University.

Dr. Schuler is adjunct assistant professor at the School of Health Sciences and Education at New York Chiropractic College and serves as the Director of Clinical Affairs for Integrative Therapeutics. He is also the co-author of Circadian Rhythm: Light and Dark Cycles, a chapter of Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices (Springer).

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